Carlienne's Better Burger

6 Hacks to Make a Better Burger

It’s a big holiday this weekend in the US, our Independence day, July 4 weekend and your typical American celebration consists of family, friends, food and fireworks. Today we are concentrating on food for this wonderful celebration and one of the main dishes we like to make for our July 4th festivities are burgers! But […]

fresh pasta

Fresh Pasta Experiment (Pt 1)

We’re starting a new journey today! I haven’t made pasta since culinary school so when it comes to make them from scratch I’m basically a rookie! With Adrienne loving her pastas, I thought it would be great to start a new series learning and relearning some of our favorite noodles: from ramen and to vermicelli […]

garlic honey marinated flap meat

Most Underrated Steak – Flap Meat

We’re excited to share this “hidden gem” of a steak – it’s super versatile and one of the more inexpensive cuts: flap meat. Sure it doesn’t sound so great, and frankly neither do its other names: flap steak, faux hanger, beef bavette (bib/flap in French). Regardless of its less than appetizing name and almost unwieldy […]

tornado omurice

Tips for Mastering the Tornado Omurice Shape

Today, I (Carl) am sharing some tips and tricks that helped me in making this tornado shape of omurice consistently. It’s been a goal of mine to make the infamous football shaped omurice, where it oozes down after you cut it but since I love omurice in general, I thought it would be good to […]

daifuku mochi

Final Recipe – Daifuku Mochi with a Stand Mixer | Mochi Making Journey (Part 6)

After testing a variety of mochi recipes: steaming mochiko flour, cooking mochiko over a stove, discovering shiratamako flour, using rice and a stand mixer, and finally testing the Tiger Mochi Maker machine; we have ultimately landed on the perfect, legit real mochi, recipe for those who have been dreaming of soft and chewy mochi at […]

Day 2 - Princess Bamboo Tangzhong crumb detail

The Best Milk Bread Recipe Experiment Ep 4 | Recipe Winner

Welcome to our Milk Bread Experiment Finale!!! We’ve been testing out some of the most popular milk bread recipes online and finally after double and triple checking them, we’ve finally determined our favorite recipes. Can you guess which one it is? We tested 6 total recipes: Chopsticks Chronicles, Umi’s Baking, Kitchen Princess Bamboo’s 2 recipes, […]

homemade boba

Fastest Homemade Boba | Boba Tea Series

We’ve always wanted to make a tasty boba drink at home. We aren’t die hard boba people by any means, but we know the taste and texture we like when we order boba and the reality is that there are more shops that fail us than satisfy our tapioca cravings. When it comes to boba […]

The Best Milk Bread Recipe Experiment Ep 3 | Josh Weissman v. Inga Lam

Hey guys, this is part 3 of our Milk Bread experiment! We’ve been testing various yudane and tangzhong recipes and then tested a direct comparison and found that which starter we use doesn’t seem to make a giant difference. So perhaps a bit reversed, we’re going to compare a recipe with a starter and one […]

Tiger Mochi Maker Machine

Mochi with the Tiger Mochi Maker | Mochi Making Journey (Part 5)

Making Legit Mochi from Rice with a Machine! Welcome back to our Mochi Making Journey! If you’re just joining us, feel free to catch up with Part 1 where we tried steaming, Part 2 when we tried cooking over the stove, Part 3 when we tried shiratamako rice flour, and finally Part 4 where we […]