grass is greener (lemongrass) cocktail

Grass is Greener (Lemongrass) Cocktail

Try our very own super “green” citrus and sparkling tea cocktail made with lemongrass! Use our recipe guide to craft your own personal favorite by tweaking the ratios, testing various teas, and swapping out the liquor or the sparkling soda. Carlienne’s Grass is Greener (Lemongrass) Cocktail Ingredients 1.5oz Iichiko Shochu 1.5oz Lemongrass simple syrup 1/2C […]

lemongrass simple syrup

Lemongrass Simple Syrup

Embue your simple syrup with the refreshing zing of lemongrass! It’s an easy way to incorporate lemongrass into a number of dishes without the work of pounding or cooking it all the way down. Use lemongrass simple syrup anywhere you might add sweetness, like cocktails or desserts. If you’re baking or making ice cream, keep […]

Fresh real taro milk tea

Real (Fresh) Taro Milk Tea | Boba Tea Series

We love Taro milk teas but the number one issue is that most of them are all fake! Let us explain. For convenience, the majority of boba milk tea shops use sweetened powders and syrups, so often that purple color comes from food coloring in the powder. You see, actual taro has a mostly white […]

lemon mochi, lemon and white bean paste shiroan

Fresh White Bean Paste (Shiroan 白餡)

Lately we’ve been experimenting with white bean paste (shiroan) more than our beloved red bean (anko) because shiroan is so versatile and is your base for any other flavor you want to put into your daifuku mochi. Unlike anko, shiroan does have to be soaked and skinned before cooking, so plan accordingly. Homemade White Bean […]

hojicha mochi, lemon mochi

The Simplest Way to Make Daifuku Mochi at Home | Mochi Making Journey (Part 8)

Hello, hello friends and happy new year! And what can be more appropriate then celebrating with some mochi! If you’ve been following along on our Mochi Making Journey, we have been deep in this game, trying to create legit mochi at home. Quick recap: we tested mochiko flour in the microwave, steaming and cooking straight […]

Fresh egg pasta: cut pasta noodles

The Simplest Fresh Egg Pasta Recipe

To Adrienne’s great delight, we’re continuing our fresh pasta series with this tweaked recipe for what we consider the simplest fresh egg pasta recipe. You can check out our previous 3 popular pasta recipes test here, which led us to our combo recipe that we’re excited to share with you today! Part of the challenge […]

Crispy Korean Fried Chicken

Ever wonder what the secret is to ultra crispy Korean Fried Chicken? Have you ever found yourself bewildered at how it still holds its crunchy texture after ordering it delivery or takeout so you can enjoy it at home? There are 3 things you need to make super crispy chicken and you probably already have […]

baigan bhartha

Baingan Bharta

One of my all time favorite Indian dishes has got to be Baingan bharta – and one of my favorite places to get it is from Chaat Bhavan in Fremont, but more on that spot another time. If you are also a diehard eggplant fan (and if you not, you should be! Learn more about […]

Egg Pudding with Agar and without | Boba Tea Series

Welcome back to our Boba Tea Series, where we try to make all our favorite boba tea toppings and fillings. Previously, we made our quick homemade boba, heavenly cheese cream foam and today, we’re talking about my go-to boba topping: egg pudding. If you’re getting weirded out on the idea of drinking egg pudding, trust […]

homemade popcorn

How to Make Better Than Theater Popcorn at Home

We are talking about one of the greatest snacks to enjoy during your big screen experience or even at your home movie night. It’s one of my (Carl’s) favorite snacks and even sometimes dinner… Popcorn! The biggest issue with theater popcorn is that when you want to enjoy a flick in your PJs the big […]