Kacang: the Balifornia Dog

Hi guys! My name is Kacang (“kah-ch-ahng”) which means peanut in Bahasa. I was born in Bali, Indonesia, moved to California for 4 years (I’m literally a Balifornia dog!), then moved to Portugal. I got stuck with my parents after my original rescuers Dana and Jean Mario noticed me in bad shape and took me to a vet. However, they already had 3 dogs so they couldn’t also take me on. Long story short (and 2 months and 2 plane rides later), I’m the latest member of the Adventures of Carlienne family.

Kacang’s Favorite Homemade Dog Food Recipes

I’m pretty sure everyone prefers a home-cooked meal, but in Bali, kibble (dry dog food) is pretty expensive, so most folks feed us “human” food, so I grew up on rice and chicken. Plus, now my dad is a chef, so he shows his love through making me food. I definitely like his food better than the dry pebbles. Sadly, my parents only five me half and half, but I can’t really complain. If you or your human prefers you to eat real food, check out my recipes below!

Kacang’s Best Photos

My mama is always bothering me with her photography. Usually I’m pretty good at catching her in the act and ruining her plans. Here are some of the ones she managed to get.

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