Tips for Mastering the Tornado Omurice Shape

Today, I (Carl) am sharing some tips and tricks that helped me in making this tornado shape of omurice consistently. It’s been a goal of mine to make the infamous football shaped omurice, where it oozes down after you cut it but since I love omurice in general, I thought it would be good to make an omurice series on our channel!

At first, I started off just scrambling the eggs and going for it, but I couldn’t get past the initial twist. So I did a deep dive on tornado omurice techniques and found things like the initial angle of the chopsticks and other people were straining their egg mix. I tested all of their suggestions until I found which ones worked and made sense for me and now I can get a pretty consistent tornado shape.

top tips for getting a consistent tornado omurice

8 inch nonstick pan

#1: Use an 8-inch non-stick pan

Make sure it’s new or like-new condition. If your pan is at all sticky, you can’t pull off this shape.

straining eggs

#2: Strain your egg mixture

This will create a smoother silkier textured egg and help to emphasize the tornado shape.

edges of omurice are cooked

#3: Use med-high heat

If you go high heat you’ll have to move really fast. If you go too low, the eggs won’t really set fast enough to twist.

#4: Start shaping once the edges cook

Once the edges start to cook, draw in the edges into the center and start twisting.

start shaping the tornado

#5: Angle your chopsticks 45 degrees when you first gather the eggs

This helps you start the twist quicker.

tornado omurice shaping

#6: Start twisting right away

The faster you start, the more rings/levels in your tornado.

#7: Once you start, don’t stop twisting

If you have to stop to situate your hands or the pan too much, you’re more likely to tear the egg or the eggs might set on you, ruining your shape.

shaping the tornado omurice

#8: Keep it simple

If moving both the chopsticks (your hands) and the pan is too overwhelming, just stick to moving one or the other. Whichever you’re more comfortable with, is how you should do it.

plating tornado omurice

There you have it, those are my tricks to getting more consistent creating the tornado omurice shape. If you have any questions or tips of your own, please let us know in the comments below!

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