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We’re Carlienne (Carl + Adrienne) and ever since we spent a whole year traveling (1 year, 22 countries, 50+ cities!), we’ve become convinced in saying “yes” and creating our ideal life today instead of waiting for “someday”. Now we’re sharing all of our passions like cooking, yoga, filmmaking, designing, and more to inspire and encourage you to pursue your passions and live your dream now.

Our Latest Culinary Adventure

  • Soft tofu Tofu: Episode Eight | What the F is this? - What is Tofu? After all the fun we had learning about soy sauce, we decided to dive deep on another common but easily overlooked ingredient: tofu! Tofu is also known as "bean curd" and is essentially solid white blocks of coagulated and pressed soy milk of varying softness that ranges from silken to extra firm.… Read on!

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Cooking with Carlienne

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Yoga with Carlienne

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