Portuguese egg tarts

Portuguese Egg Tarts

Materials for Portuguese Egg Tarts: Bowl scraper Mixing bowl and whisk Spatula Egg tart molds or cupcake tins Rolling pin Pot Whisk Main Ingredients: For dough: 1 cup of flour 1/2 cup of water Pinch of salt 1/2 cup of butter softened like sour cream Extra flour for dusting For Filling: 1 Cinnamon Stick 1 […]

HK egg tarts

Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts

Materials for Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts: Bowl scraper Mixing bowl Whisk Mesh strainer Baking sheet Egg tart molds Main Ingredients: For the dough: 230g sugar 560g flour 2 blocks soft butter 2 egg with splash of vanilla extract For custard: 12 eggs 2:1 ratio of hot water:sugar * we used 2 cups to 1 […]

leche flan

Leche Flan

Materials for Leche Flan: Leche flan tins Steamer Pan for making sugar if you don’t have a gas stove Mixing bowl Fine mesh strainer Main Ingredients: 10 egg yolks 1 can evaporated milk 1 can condensed milk White Sugar Optional Ingredients: Vanilla (extract) Goal for Leche Flan: Texture: Soft and creamy flan.Color: Caramel brown top […]



Materials for Tamago: Tamago Pan Chopsticks or spatula Small bowl with paper towel or sponge for oil Main Ingredients: Eggs – whisked Optional Ingredients: Dashi – 2oz to 1 egg (for extra flavor) Sugar – to taste (for a sweet tamago) Goal for Tamago: Texture: Fluffy but compact/firm to the bite. Color: Choice of slight […]



Materials for Shakshuka: Oven-safe shallow wide pot High heat spatula Oven Main Ingredients: Oil Onions and Garlic – chopped/small diced Bell Peppers – Half finger length strips Cumin, Paprika, Cayenne – Sprinkle Sprankle Whole Tomatoes (2 whole tomatoes chopped) and Tomato sauce or can whole tomatoes in juice Feta cheese – Sprinkle Sprankle Eggs – […]

3 colored steamed eggs

3 Colored Steamed Eggs

Materials for 3 Colored Steamed Eggs: Steamer or steamer stand and large pot that fits dish* Deep steam-able dish, about 7-8 inches in diameter and at least 2 inches deep *It’s also super helpful to have a claw to handle the steaming dish. Make sure your pot gives you enough space to maneuver your dish […]



Materials for Omurice: Non-stick pan Chopsticks or spatula Main Ingredients: Rice or fried rice Oil or butter 3 eggs Ketchup or gravy Optional Ingredients: A couple splashes of dashi broth if you have. Goal for Omurice: Texture: Fluffy and runny.Color: Even bright yellow. Guide for Omurice: Make your favorite rice or fried rice and form […]

crab omelette

Jay Fai Crab Omelette

Materials for Jay Fai Crab Omelette: Wide rimmed pot for frying 2 spatulas 1 medium bowl 1 small bowl Whisk Main Ingredients: 3 + 2 eggs About 2 tablespoons/ or heavy sprinkle of cornstarch Shelled crab Salt and pepper Oil for frying Goal for Jay Fai Crab Omelette: Texture: Crunchy on the outside and firm […]

Vietnamese egg coffee

Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Materials for Vietnamese Egg Coffee (ca phe trung or cà phê trứng): Phin Coffee filter Coffee cups Shallow to medium height wide container Hand mixer or stand mixer Main Ingredients: Egg yolks Strong dark coffee Condensed milk Water Optional Ingredients: Cinnamon or chocolate powder Goal for Vietnamese Egg Coffee: Texture: Creamy and thick. Flavor: Coffee […]

cloud eggs

Cloud Eggs

Materials for Cloud Eggs: Baking sheet Hand mixer and bowl or stand mixer Spatula Oven Main Ingredients: 2 egg whites 1 yolk Salt to taste Goal for Cloud Eggs: Texture: Egg whites to be firm but fluffy. Egg yolk should be either creamy or hard to your preference. We recommend creamy yolks as they go […]