Materials for Omurice:

  • Non-stick pan
  • Chopsticks or spatula

Main Ingredients:

  • Rice or fried rice
  • Oil or butter
  • 3 eggs
  • Ketchup or gravy

Optional Ingredients:

A couple splashes of dashi broth if you have.

Goal for Omurice:

Texture: Fluffy and runny.
Color: Even bright yellow.

TLDR: Shorts Guide – How to Make Tornado Omurice
Follow Along Video – Football Omurice

Guide for Omurice:

  1. Make your favorite rice or fried rice and form a mound on a plate.
  2. Heat your non-stick pan to medium high heat then oil or butter.
    • Pro Tip: Medium heat is also okay to give you a little more time to shape as this is a very difficult dish to do (it was difficult for me as well!).
  3. Pour eggs in and stir constantly so you dont form any large curdles. Like you wold a soft scramble. Once 40% done (should still be runny but not liquid raw) start to fold one end in.
    • Pro Tip: If you’re using chopsticks, switch to a spatula now.
  4. Try your best to get the football shape as you fold both ends in, make sure to seal the seam for a few seconds.
    • Heads Up: There is this wrist and pan hitting technique that most omurice masters and Jacques Pépin use to make this shape, if you can do it… kudos!! I need more practice at it!
  5. Once done, gently place on top of rice and cut the top open, if you’ve done it flawlessly then it should fall and cover the rice and ooze out soft scramble goodness. If not, that’s okay it will still taste great!
  6. Top with ketchup or your favorite sauce and enjoy!

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