simple granola

Simple Granola with Clusters

Granola is a big staple in our household so instead of buying extremely sugary or expensive organic, locally sourced, fresh air fed, hand picked granola we just make our own! It’s great as a cereal or a topping for our açaí or morning yogurt. Honestly, we even put it on our ice cream. The guide […]

Brazilian acai

Brazilian Açaí

Having visited Brazil about 4 times, I’m (Carl) no stranger to Brazilian açaí. In fact, eating açai the Brazilian way is THE only way to eat açaí. No offense to the islands of Hawaii or the guys in SoCal pushing out some decently tasty “açaí” bowls but I just feel like everyone just over complicates […]

ahi poke party

Hawaiian Poke Party

For Mother’s Day I wanted to do a poke party for my mom! She loves poke so it was a no brainer. Poke is a very simple and easy dish to make, but on the mainland it’s incredibly hard to find really good quality ahi tuna or sushi grade fish unless you have a brick […]

dog food recipe: chicken & sweet potato

Homemade Dog Food: Chicken + Sweet Potato

It’s that time to make Kacang a new batch of food! We are making her other favorite wet food, Chicken with Sweet Potato Stew! We have a nice price breakdown at the bottom too so let’s get into it! Kacang’s Chicken + Sweet Potato Recipe Materials Big Pot that can fit 2 whole chickens Wooden […]



Oyaki is one of the best snacks to use leftovers with. You can stuff it with practically anything, making it either sweet or savory. While it may seem obvious, living in California (or in the United States for that matter) gives us different ingredients than Japan. But also things that we think are similar can […]

loco moco musubi

Loco Moco & Spam Musubi

Hawaiian at Home Musubi is one of our all time favorite snacks but honestly paying $2.50 or more for 1 is so ridiculous! Which is why we think it’s one of those things that just need to be made at home. In our video we show how you can musubi pretty much anything and the […]

Pork Lau Lau

Pork Lau Lau

Hawaiian at Home Pork Lau Lau!! I honestly think it’s an extremely sad thing that it’s not as big on the mainland as it is on the islands or at least as popular as the other dishes. It is an iconic Hawaiian dish and very easy to make. I guess it is a little tough […]

Kacang sleeping

Is Making Your Own Dog Food Cheaper?

There’s a ton of questions about what and how much we should feed our dogs and it seems like it’s not an exact science, however practically speaking, budget will be a big factor for the majority of us. Because we adopted Kacang while we were in Bali, where typically dogs are fed leftovers or boiled […]

kacang's beef & rice recipe

Homemade Dog Food: Beef & Rice

As some of you know, during our stay in Bali we adopted a Bali dog, Kacang (means peanut in Bahasa) at about 10-11 weeks. From day 1 we have been making her home cooked meals, which is pretty typical in Bali, feeding dogs left-overs or boiled rice and chicken. It was a really big thing […]

Loco Moco Hawaiian lunch plate

Loco Moco

Hawaiian at Home Okay, so loco mocos are the most Hawaiian plate lunch you can get! Even more than those cooked-in-a-pit-underground-covered-with-leaves kind of dishes. Short of putting poi on a loco moco plate there’s nothing more Hawaiian you can get. You’re probably wondering why I would say something like and maybe some island guys are […]