baigan bhartha

Baingan Bharta

One of my all time favorite Indian dishes has got to be Baingan bharta – and one of my favorite places to get it is from Chaat Bhavan in Fremont, but more on that spot another time. If you are also a diehard eggplant fan (and if you not, you should be! Learn more about […]

All About Eggplants: Episode Ten | What the F is this?!

Today we are talking about the infamous eggplant, as in the vegetable from the nightshade family, not any other kinda eggplants! Eggplants, or aubergine or brinjal, all used to be white and egg shaped, hence the name, but over time the more insect-resistant and drought-tolerant purple globe eggplant won out, which is why you won’t […]

Egg Pudding with Agar and without | Boba Tea Series

Welcome back to our Boba Tea Series, where we try to make all our favorite boba tea toppings and fillings. Previously, we made our quick homemade boba, heavenly cheese cream foam and today, we’re talking about my go-to boba topping: egg pudding. If you’re getting weirded out on the idea of drinking egg pudding, trust […]

homemade popcorn

How to Make Better Than Theater Popcorn at Home

We are talking about one of the greatest snacks to enjoy during your big screen experience or even at your home movie night. It’s one of my (Carl’s) favorite snacks and even sometimes dinner… Popcorn! The biggest issue with theater popcorn is that when you want to enjoy a flick in your PJs the big […]

heirloom tomato slices

Heirloom Tomatoes: Episode Ten | What the F is this?!

Tomatoes – you’ve probably met these guys before, and most likely you’ve encountered the Hybrids. They’re the ones available year round in the grocery store – super red, thick skinned, very firm – you know the kind? They’re not bad, they’re just bred to resist diseases, store and travel well… which isn’t necessarily the qualities […]

cheese cream foam boba tea

Cheese Cream Foam | Boba Tea Series

Welcome back to our Boba Tea Series, where we test and make all our favorite boba tea toppings and fillings. Previously, we made our quick homemade boba and this time we’re talking about this creamy cheesy topper that’s gotten really popular lately, Cheese Cream Foam. Sometimes called sea foam, cheese foam, creama, cream foam, or […]

clarified butter

How to Make Clarified Butter

What is the one most useful, indispensable, and versatile ingredient you have in your kitchen? If you guessed butter then bingo! But today we aren’t just talking about regular butter, we’re talking about clarified butter and why you should be making and using it in your cooking! What is Clarified Butter? Have you ever used […]

sambar cucumber

Sambar Cucumber: Episode Nine | What the F is this?!

What is a Sambar Cucumber? It is summertime and peak farmer’s market season here in the Bay, and we stumbled on this crazy looking cucumber last week so we knew we had to make another episode of “What the F Is This?!”. Apparently, these dinosaur looking eggs are called Sambar (Sambhar) cucumber, after the signature […]

Spiced Stir Fry Samba Cucumber

Spiced Stir Fried Sambar Cucumbers

Here’s a simple recipe for sambar cucumber which can complement any meal you’re having. You can customize the spices however you like: use more curry, add or swap it for cloves, star anise, ginger or cumin. Since we’re working with carrots and cucumbers, you can eat them raw, so cook or undercook them to your […]

Pickled Sambar Cucumber

Pickled Sambar Cucumber

While these spectacular cucumbers hold really well compared to all of the other cucumbers, pickling these sambar cucumbers can extend the life of your cucumbers even more! how to make Pickled Sambar Cucumber Pickled Sambar Cucumber Materials Small sauce pan Spatula Jar/Container Pickled Sambar Cucumber Ingredients 1 C sliced Sambar cucumber 1 Tbsp Neutral oil […]