Cooking with Carlienne: Hawaiian at Home - Chicken Katsu

Hawaiian Katsu Chicken

Hawaiian at Home Hey all! I took a little poll on our Instagram @adventuresofcarlienne to see what some of our followers tend to order when they go out for Hawaiian food and it was pretty clear that the most purchased meal was a chicken katsu plate. Chicken katsu wasn’t invented in Hawaii. A lot of […]

Hawaiian Mac Salad

Hawaiian Mac Salad

Hawaiian at Home How to Make Your Own Plate Lunch Hey to all, Carl here! Having done my 3 month culinary externship in Hawaii, I have learned a thing or two about some pretty tasty island grinds (that mean “food” to all the haoles out there)! There’s a number of things that go into a […]


Selling Clothes on ThredUP

Where to sell your used clothes online Nowadays, recouping a little cash on your clothes is pretty easy: you can hold a garage sale, host a swap party, post online on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, or use an app or service like Poshmark or thredUP. Initially I tried to sell some of my nicer sneakers […]

Osaka in April

One of our favorite shrines in Japan is the Sumiyoshi Taisha (shrine), it’s a bit quieter so a typical morning gives you the shrine to yourself. Hike up the iconic red bridge and make your way across the crunching gravel and past the old library.

mochiko chicken

Mochiko Chicken

hawaiian fried chicken In culinary school, it’s mandatory to do some sort of externship in order to complete your certification program. I was lucky enough to head to Hawaii to learn from Chef Mark Oyama and his crew at Mark’s Place and Contemporary Flavors Cuisine on Kauai. This was probably the most I have ever […]

Dhow Harbor, Doha, Qatar

Our Around the World Trip: the snapshot

In October of 2019 we took off for one of the biggest adventures of our lives and landed in Paris, France on Halloween. We made our way to the coast to the beautiful La Rochelle and then south for a night of splurging in Bordeaux just before heading to Portugal

Adrienne in a kimono, Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto in April

Kyoto is one of those beautiful cities were tradition and modernity strike a perfect balance. City center is a packed with Starbucks and Tully’s, but turn the corner and you’ll spot some locals in kimonos crossing the street.

fluffy pancakes photo

Carlienne’s Fluffy Pancake Recipe

Happy National Pancake Week! National Pancake week is coming up and its one of the all time best breakfasts dishes in the world! Before Adrienne, I was not a pancake man but as a kid, my father would use the Krusteaz Pancake Mix and it was alright but I always had to drench it with […]

glass of wine photo

How to Seal the Valentine’s Day Deal!

One of the biggest Hallmark holidays are coming: Valentine’s day! The day that many of us, mostly in the States, go out of our way to do a little something special for that special someone. The goal of your special meal is not just to cook great food but to create an experience, so the food itself is only one component of the whole.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

RTW Gear List

We’ve always been photo and videography enthusiasts, which meant a bit more in our luggage for the trip. It’s a pretty big challenge to pack a gear bag for a full year of travel, but here’s all the camera gear and electronics we lugged around with us.