lemon mochi, lemon and white bean paste shiroan

Fresh White Bean Paste (Shiroan 白餡)

Lately we’ve been experimenting with white bean paste (shiroan) more than our beloved red bean (anko) because shiroan is so versatile and is your base for any other flavor you want to put into your daifuku mochi. Unlike anko, shiroan does have to be soaked and skinned before cooking, so plan accordingly. Homemade White Bean […]

hojicha mochi, lemon mochi

The Simplest Way to Make Daifuku Mochi at Home | Mochi Making Journey (Part 8)

Hello, hello friends and happy new year! And what can be more appropriate then celebrating with some mochi! If you’ve been following along on our Mochi Making Journey, we have been deep in this game, trying to create legit mochi at home. Quick recap: we tested mochiko flour in the microwave, steaming and cooking straight […]

tornado omurice

Tips for Mastering the Tornado Omurice Shape

Today, I (Carl) am sharing some tips and tricks that helped me in making this tornado shape of omurice consistently. It’s been a goal of mine to make the infamous football shaped omurice, where it oozes down after you cut it but since I love omurice in general, I thought it would be good to […]

Tiger Mochi Maker Machine

Mochi with the Tiger Mochi Maker | Mochi Making Journey (Part 5)

Making Legit Mochi from Rice with a Machine! Welcome back to our Mochi Making Journey! If you’re just joining us, feel free to catch up with Part 1 where we tried steaming, Part 2 when we tried cooking over the stove, Part 3 when we tried shiratamako rice flour, and finally Part 4 where we […]

Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Yudane loaf

The Best Milk Bread Recipe Experiment Ep 2 | Kitchen Princess Bamboo Shokupan

Welcome back to our Milk Bread Recipe experiment! Last time we talked a little bit about the common starters for milk bread called yudane and tangzhong and we explored both methods and while it wasn’t a direct comparison on the techniques, it gave us an introduction into making milk bread. We did notice that Umi’s […]

half and half omurice, Muguni, Osaka, Japan

Journey To Making The Perfect Omurice: Part 1

Have you ever had omurice? It’s a thin yet fluffy omelet, runny on the inside topped on fried rice then drizzled with a homemade ketchup, or wait, doused with a special sauce that can range from a savory demi-glace or a velvety cream sauce. If you were to look in the dictionary under “comfort food”, […]

making miso from scratch: mix the koji and soybean mash

How to Make Miso Paste from Scratch

When we were in Japan in October of 2019 we were lucky enough to do a WorkAway with a lovely family in Iwanai. Akiko-san (Aki) the mom, taught us about Japanese cuisine like gobo root, kinako, and miso. She spoiled us with delicious home cooking and when we asked about her miso soup and if […]

Homemade mochi made with rice

Mochi with a Stand Mixer | Mochi Making Journey (Part 4)

Making Legit Mochi from Rice – not Rice Flour We’ve made it to Part 4 of our Mochi Making Journey! If you’re just joining us, feel free to catch up with Part 1 here where we tried a standard mochi recipe via steaming. We tried cooking directly over the stove in Part 2 and got […]

shiratamako and mochiko flours

Mochi Making Journey (Part 3)

Welcome to Part 3 of our Mochi Making Journey! If you’re just joining us, feel free to catch up with Part 1 here. In Part 1 we tested a pretty standard mochi recipe via steaming, but our mochi kept tearing. In Part 2 we used a cooking directly over the stove method and skipped using […]