Soft Scrambled Eggs

Materials for Soft Scrambled Eggs:

  • Fork or high heat spatula
  • Bowl
  • Non-stick pan (if you have)

Main Ingredients:

  • Eggs
  • Oil/butter
  • Salt
  • Pepper

We like to do about 3 eggs for 1 person and roughly .5 tbps of butter to 1 egg for a good ratio of creaminess to egg.

Optional Ingredients:

Feel free to add anything you want to your scramble, I personally think its great on its own!

Goal for Soft Scrambled Eggs

Texture: Creamy and wet.
Color: Light yellow not completely vibrant.
Flavor: Creamy and rich.

Guide for Soft Scrambled Eggs:

  1. Crack your eggs into your mixing bowl and whisk well until no clear spots (egg whites) are visible.
  2. Heat your pan to a medium and melt 75% of your butter
    • Pro Tip: I like to cut the butter into small pieces for a fast melt to take advantage of the pan still being in a low heat.
  3. Once butter is almost melted add in your whisked eggs and stir. It’s okay if the pan is not at its peak heat. Low n’ slow is perfect for this dish (although Chef Ramsay prefers his high heat method but your eggs your choice the guide is the same).
  4. Stir and stir and stir. Constant motion to break up and medium or large curds. The goal is to cream the eggs together with the butter.
  5. Once its about 70% done add in the rest of the butter and turn off the heat. Keep stirring!
  6. Keep stirring for a bit until the last bit of butter is incorporated. Season, plate and serve!
    • Pro Tip: Butter is your friend! This dish needs butter to get the creaminess on point. With that said, watch your health and consult a doctor before consuming this dish… just kidding. Enjoy your soft scramble in moderation!

Try Soft Scrambles With:

  • Topped on a thick stew
  • Breakfast burritos or tacos – the creaminess brings another dimension to them
  • Grilled Cheese Filling
  • Caramelized mushroom and onions on top

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