Curry Scramble

Materials for Curry Scramble:

  • Pan
  • High Spatula

Main Ingredients:

  • Eggs
  • Onions
  • Thai Yellow Curry Paste (recipe to come)
  • choice of stock

Optional Ingredients:

  • Proteins or other vegetables

Goal for Curry Scramble:

Texture: Creamy, close to a soft scramble.

Guide for Curry Scramble:

  1. Heat pan to medium and add oil.
  2. Add onions and sautee until transluscent.
  3. Add a half a thumbs worth of Thai curry paste and stir mixture together.
    • Pro Tip: Half a thumbs worth of paste to 1 person. you can put more for extra spiciness.
  4. add enough stock to make a wet paste and let it cook down until thickened.
    • Pro Tip: If you added too much stock thats okay, let it cook down for a bit longer and taste, You may have to add a little more curry paste if it tastes a little watered out.
  5. As it cooks down, whisk your eggs
    • Pro Tip: 3 eggs to 1 person for this dish. We made enough for 1 person.
  6. Turn your heat to low and add your eggs.
  7. Stir constantly for a nice creamy scramble.
  8. Plate at the desired type of scramble (cream/soft or hard scramble).

Try These Eggs With:

As a sandwich stuffing (best in baguettes or roll type bread).

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