Simple Granola with Clusters

Granola is a big staple in our household so instead of buying extremely sugary or expensive organic, locally sourced, fresh air fed, hand picked granola we just make our own! It’s great as a cereal or a topping for our açaí or morning yogurt. Honestly, we even put it on our ice cream. The guide we are about to share is just a base you can start with that you can add whatever you want, be it raisins, goji berries, or rice puffs!

While this granola is very easy to make it does have a secret ingredient, egg whites! It’s rare to find good granola recipes out there with egg whites in their ingredients list but it makes a huge difference because it’s what makes the very desirable granola clusters. It’s like going after the marshmallows in Lucky Charms… it’s the only thing that gets eaten in granola! The science behind it is that the egg white proteins help the oats bind together creating the clusters, did that information matter? Probably not because I had you sold at clusters but it’s great information to know! Let’s just make this granola!


  • Small Pot
  • Mixing bowl for granola mix
  • Small Bowl for egg white whisking
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Baking sheet with parchment
  • Mixing utensil
  • Air-tight container for storage


  • 3 Cup Rolled Oats – old fashioned or instant is fine
  • 1/2 Cup Honey or Maple Syrup
  • 1.5 Tbsp Ground Cinnamon
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract or actual Vanilla Bean is great
  • Heavy Sprinkle of Kosher Salt
  • 1/4 Cup oil
  • 1 egg white – 1 more for maximum amount of clusters


  1. Preheat oven to 300F.
  2. Heat Honey in a pot until runny.
    • Pro Tip: it’s much easier to mix the honey in when it’s warm.
  3. Combine oats, cinnamon, and salt in mixing bowl and give the dry ingredients a stir.
  4. Combine oil and vanilla extract then combine with dry ingredients.
  5. Add honey into granola mix, then give it a stir.
  6. Whisk egg white until foamy, then add to the mix giving it a good stir to incorporate it all.
  7. Place mix into baking sheet with parchment and bake until golden brown.
    • Pro Tip: Check the mix every 5-6 minutes as this can easily burn, give it a stir once in awhile too but dont break up any clusters that are forming. It can take from 20-30 minutes depending on oven as well as how wet your mix is.
  8. Once golden brown, let cool completely then transfer to an air tight container.
  9. Optional Additions:
    • Adding nuts? Crush and toast them and fold them in when granola has finished baking.
    • Adding dried fruits? Cut them into small pieces and fold them in after granola has finished baking.
    • Adding rice puffs? Add them in at the beginning with your granola mix and bake away.

Try it with

  • Top it on açaí
  • Eat it as a cereal or on top of ice cream
  • Add raisins or other dried fruit

Tools Used To Make This Dish*

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