Braised Korean Radish Tacos

Braised Korean Radish Tacos

Mexican food is one of our favorite things to eat and with our latest efforts in eating less meat, we wanted to make some tacos out of this ingredient. Since radish is rather mild in flavor, we need to introduce some flavor, which we can do by braising. Learn more about the Korean radish here. […]

Korean Radish & Mango Salad

Korean Radish & Mango Salad

There’s no better way to enjoy Korean radish raw than in a refreshing salad! We were inspired by the Thai papaya salad, but this one is just simply sweet and bright – so let’s get into this great summer salad. Learn more about the Korean radish here. Carlienne’s Korean Radish & Mango Salad Materials Mixing […]

Korean Radish

Korean Radish: Episode Six | What the F is this?

Not an unfamiliar ingredient, the Korean radish has always been one of those ingredients we see but walk right past because, well, it’s just a radish. However, launching this whole “What the F is this” series has given us confidence in trying new things or even things we have seen but just never got around […]

Malabar Spinach & Nectarine Salad

Malabar Spinach & Nectarine Salad

We were quite surprised at the nice care package our friends dropped off. Our buddies were kind enough to drop off some Malabar spinach, and at first we had no idea what the heck it was! We are very grateful to have friends who own and run a farm that share their goodies with us […]

Malabar Spinach & Kimchi Korean Pancakes

Malabar Spinach & Kimchi Korean Pancakes

Malabar spinach has quite a bit of flavor and texture for the leaf that it is. While learning about the malabar spinach we were craving Korean pancakes, one of our favorite foods to eat, so we decided to try making our own using malabar spinach. Let’s dive into how to incorporate Malabar spinach into a […]

Malabar Spinach

Malabar Spinach: Episode Five | What the F is this?

One day we received a text from a close friend who owns and runs a farm about 2 hours from us. They asked us if we wanted any of their leafy green vegetables that they have been growing and of of course we wouldn’t say no! We received things like broccoli stems, mint, basil, scotch […]

tororo soba

Tororo Soba

The nagaimo, or long yam, is a rather unique ingredient and that is because it’s one of the few tubers that can be eaten raw. In fact, when used raw, the yam gives off this really slimy texture, called mucilage, and that’s why nagaimo is such a popular ingredient! It’s because this slime, which the […]

nagaimo fries

Nagaimo Fries

Nagaimo or long yam is an incredibly versatile ingredient! Although it is common to see it used grated in Japanese cuisine, it has wonderful uses when just peeled and cut. You can use it in sautés, soups, stews or roasts. Being a tuber and as I’m a big fan of fries, why not make nagaimo […]

nagaimo, chinese yam

Nagaimo: Episode Four | What the F is this?

After having done a number of our WTF series episodes and especially after doing an episode on Burdock root, we knew we had to get to nagaimo because it seemed less intimidating than the almost similar looking root (in that it looked like a daikon) but still strange (reputed slimy texture). Undeterred and in love […]

moringa green onion pancakes

Moringa Green Onion Pancakes

Chinese green onion (scallion) pancakes are one of our favorite things to eat and it’s really simple to make! Adding moringa leaves to this recipe gives it a nutrient boost and also adds a fuller deeper flavor. If you’ve never heard of this special ingredient, learn more about moringa here. Carlienne’s Moringa Green Onion Pancakes […]