Boiled Eggs

Materials for Soft Scrambled Eggs:

  • Pot
  • Timer
  • Cold Water in Bowl / Ice Bath (we did’t use an ice bath as our broken fridge no longer makes ice)

Main Ingredients:

  • Eggs
  • Water

Goal for Soft Scrambled Eggs

Texture: Light and Squishy with a runny yolk for soft boiled eggs. Firm but not a brick with yolks soft but not pasty for hard boiled eggs.
Color: Vibrant orange yolk for soft boiled eggs. Bright yellow yolks, avoiding a green outer layer on the yolk for a hard boiled eggs.
Flavor: Loads of richness from the runny yolk. More mild in flavor than the Soft Boiled.

Guide for Boiled Eggs:

  1. Place your eggs in your pot and cover with water, place on a stove on high
  2. Once the water is boiling start your timer.
    • Carlienne’s Way: We do 4 minutes for a soft boil and 9.5 minutes for a Hard boil. Your pot and stove strength may be different from mine. My induction stove boils water fairly fast and the use of a cold water bath doesn’t stop the cooking process as fast as an ice bath. With that in mind, adjust accordingly!
  3. When timer goes off, remove from boiling water and place into your cold bath or ice bath.
  4. Once its cool enough to touch. Crack the eggs all around and start to peel them.
    • Pro Tip: Crack the soft boiled eggs gently, after you peeled the first couple pieces dip it back into the water. I like to think this helps give me a cleaner peeled egg.. sometimes.. most of the time.. I have no idea if it translates to anything but to me it does!

Try Boiled Eggs With:

  • Soft boiled eggs in soup and stew dishes
  • Soft boiled eggs or hard boiled eggs on top of a salad
  • Hard boiled eggs sliced in a sandwich
  • Hard boiled eggs with a tomato sauce

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