Materials for Frittatas:

  • Oven Safe Pan

Main Ingredients:

  • Eggs
  • Butter/Oil

Optional Ingredients:

Fillings: Vegetables, proteins, cheeses and or leftovers

Goal for Frittatas:

Texture: Depending on type of egg, firm to the squeeze but soft to the bite.
Color: Slightly browned top. If the inside of the frittata has greenish tint then it has over cooked. You can still eat it but the texture may be a bit more spongey.

Guide for Frittatas:

  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 or broil if you have the option.
  2. Heat pan to medium and add oil or butter.
  3. Cook fillings first in the pan.
    • Pro Tip: Cook’s choice to cook the filling first or after you add the eggs. I like my filling to be more integrated into the omelet which is why I choose to cook/heat the filling first to flavor the pan. If you like it more to be an actual filling then skip to the next step.
  4. Once filling is warmed/cooked, add the eggs to the mix and stir to cook a little before letting it settle, then bring temperature down to low.
  5. Leave it alone to cook on low until about 70% or when only the runniest of the mix is on top. Turn off heat.
  6. Place in oven until the top is nice browned. If using the broil feature on your oven, keep an eye out as browning will happen fast.

Try These Eggs With:

Sauces – depending on what your fillings are you can use a cream based sauce for heavier fillings or broth based sauce for lighter fillings.

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