Homemade Dog Food: Chicken + Sweet Potato

It’s that time to make Kacang a new batch of food! We are making her other favorite wet food, Chicken with Sweet Potato Stew! We have a nice price breakdown at the bottom too so let’s get into it!

Kacang’s Chicken + Sweet Potato Recipe


  • Big Pot that can fit 2 whole chickens
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Big Bin or Tub for mixing and cooling


  • 2 whole chickens, or total around 7 lbs
  • 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 9 oz Beef or Chicken Liver – Diced
  • 2 Medium Sweet Potato – Diced
  • 3 Medium Carrots – Diced
  • 2 Cups of Green Bean – Chopped
  • 6 oz Eggshell – Shredded
  • 0.5 Cup Lentils
  • 1.5Cup Edamame
  • 2 Cup Napa Cabbage – Shredded


  1. Place whole chickens in your pot with coconut oil and cover with water, boil until the chicken can be easily shredded.
  2. While chicken is cooking, cut all vegetables.
  3. When chicken is done transfer to a tub or bin to cool down before handling. Remove and save 75% of the leftover stock (liquid) for other home-cooked meals!
    • Pro Tip: you can freeze the stock in an ice tray for a summertime treat or if your pup needs more hydration but doesn’t love drinking water.
  4. Place all vegetables, liver, shells and grains into the pot and boil until lentils are cooked and potatoes and carrots are softened.
  5. While vegetables and things are cooking, shred the chicken and add to the stew mix while it cooks, once all things are cooked through add back to your cooling tub and cool before portioning, especially if you’re using a vacuum seal machine.

Tools Used To Make This Dish*

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