dog food recipe: chicken & sweet potato

Homemade Dog Food: Chicken + Sweet Potato

It’s that time to make Kacang a new batch of food! We are making her other favorite wet food, Chicken with Sweet Potato Stew! We have a nice price breakdown at the bottom too so let’s get into it! Kacang’s Chicken + Sweet Potato Recipe Materials Big Pot that can fit 2 whole chickens Wooden […]

Kacang sleeping

Is Making Your Own Dog Food Cheaper?

There’s a ton of questions about what and how much we should feed our dogs and it seems like it’s not an exact science, however practically speaking, budget will be a big factor for the majority of us. Because we adopted Kacang while we were in Bali, where typically dogs are fed leftovers or boiled […]

kacang's beef & rice recipe

Homemade Dog Food: Beef & Rice

As some of you know, during our stay in Bali we adopted a Bali dog, Kacang (means peanut in Bahasa) at about 10-11 weeks. From day 1 we have been making her home cooked meals, which is pretty typical in Bali, feeding dogs left-overs or boiled rice and chicken. It was a really big thing […]