beet poke

Beet Poke

Beet Poke has been quite a popular dish lately, especially among health nuts and those just seeking non-animal alternatives. Whether you are a vegetarian/vegan, trying to be healthy, or just curious: beet poke is one of the greatest dishes you can make! It’s light and as refreshing as ahi tuna itself! Let’s dive into making […]

Hawaiian at Home: kalau pork

How to Cook the Best Kalua Pork at Home

Today’s Carlienne Cooks recipe is an easy one! It’s one of the simplest ways you can bring a taste of Hawaii to your home. One of the biggest things we can recommend our readers is that if they ever get to travel to the islands to try and find a place that serves traditional kalua […]

ahi poke party

Hawaiian Poke Party

For Mother’s Day I wanted to do a poke party for my mom! She loves poke so it was a no brainer. Poke is a very simple and easy dish to make, but on the mainland it’s incredibly hard to find really good quality ahi tuna or sushi grade fish unless you have a brick […]

loco moco musubi

Loco Moco & Spam Musubi

Hawaiian at Home Musubi is one of our all time favorite snacks but honestly paying $2.50 or more for 1 is so ridiculous! Which is why we think it’s one of those things that just need to be made at home. In our video we show how you can musubi pretty much anything and the […]

Pork Lau Lau

Pork Lau Lau

Hawaiian at Home Pork Lau Lau!! I honestly think it’s an extremely sad thing that it’s not as big on the mainland as it is on the islands or at least as popular as the other dishes. It is an iconic Hawaiian dish and very easy to make. I guess it is a little tough […]

Loco Moco Hawaiian lunch plate

Loco Moco

Hawaiian at Home Okay, so loco mocos are the most Hawaiian plate lunch you can get! Even more than those cooked-in-a-pit-underground-covered-with-leaves kind of dishes. Short of putting poi on a loco moco plate there’s nothing more Hawaiian you can get. You’re probably wondering why I would say something like and maybe some island guys are […]

Hawaiian Teriyaki Beef lunch plate

Hawaiian Teriyaki Beef

Hawaiian at Home Teri beef isn’t so popular in Hawaiian take out but its a staple in plate lunches like bbq combo plates or combo plates in general! Super easy to make teri beef and the marinade can be used for many things as well. Let’s dive into it so you can start making your […]

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken lunch plate

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

Hawaiian at Home With all the fitness and health(y) lifestyles going on, I am sure its tough to find a great Hawaiian meal while still keep yourself feeling nice and tight. Hawaiian food will definitely help you make some gains, just not the ones you think. Sometimes, you may give yourself that one meal where […]

Hawaiian Chicken Katsu lunch plate

Hawaiian Katsu Chicken

Hawaiian at Home Hey all! I took a little poll on our Instagram @adventuresofcarlienne to see what some of our followers tend to order when they go out for Hawaiian food and it was pretty clear that the most purchased meal was a chicken katsu plate. Chicken katsu wasn’t invented in Hawaii. A lot of […]

Hawaiian Mac Salad

Hawaiian Mac Salad

Hawaiian at Home How to Make Your Own Plate Lunch Hey to all, Carl here! Having done my 3 month culinary externship in Hawaii, I have learned a thing or two about some pretty tasty island grinds (that mean “food” to all the haoles out there)! There’s a number of things that go into a […]