Our Biggest Adventure

Away for the holidays

After saving and planning for almost 2 years, we finally packed our bags and took off in October of 2019 for the grandest adventure. We started in Paris and spent the holidays making our way through Europe. We visited every Christmas market we could through Geneva, Zurich, and Berlin, and then spent New Years in Prague for back to back fireworks. After the ultimate traveler’s nightmare (Carl’s passport was stolen) in Athens in February, we thought our adventure would end too soon – luckily we were able to extend our stay and get a new passport before heading to South East Asia, spending about a month in Vietnam, and about 2 months each in Japan and Bali, Indonesia. Click here for the snapshot version of our year or browse below for a specific adventure! If you’re curious about what how we packed, check out our packing list and gear list.

Victory Column, Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany
Christmas in Berlin & a day in Dresden
Our train reached Berlin by 8:00 am, which was a too early even for our earlier check in, so we hung out at Rubens Coffee Lounge, a nearby cafe, and
Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland
We spent the first half of our week in Switzerland in Geneva and the latter short half in Zurich; meeting a friend and visiting Christmas Markets. Zurich felt significantly colder
The Broken Chair, Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland
Switzerland is notorious for being an expensive destination (and we can now confirm it) however you really don’t have to break the bank. The major costs to traveling are lodging,
EasyJet and RyanAir on the tarmac
Traveling for a month: Lessons learned
It’s been over a month since we hopped on that first flight to Paris and began this crazy adventure around the world. While it’s been incredible, it has also been
Lyon, France
Lyon, France
From Nice we took a long train ride to Lyon and we arrive just in time for the very last night of their Festival of Lights! As soon as we’ve
Promenade du Paillon, Nice, France
Nice, France
After our whirlwind adventure in Morocco we land in Nice in the evening. Originally we planned to catch the bus from airport to Airbnb but there was construction going on
Chefchaouen, Morocco
Road trip through Morocco
Morocco was the most epic and stressful, poorly planned (due to inexperience), and magical country we've been to yet. With only 6 days we spent most of it driving but
La Sagrada Familia
Barcelona, Spain
One thing we love about Spain is how restaurants are typically open really late. We find Los Bellota, due to their strong online presence (good job guys!), and are delighted
Seville, Spain
Seville on the other hand, feels like the quieter, pious and dignified middle sister. She is a gorgeous historic city full of churches and lined with orange trees, and while