hojicha mochi, lemon mochi

The Simplest Way to Make Daifuku Mochi at Home | Mochi Making Journey (Part 8)

Hello, hello friends and happy new year! And what can be more appropriate then celebrating with some mochi! If you’ve been following along on our Mochi Making Journey, we have been deep in this game, trying to create legit mochi at home. Quick recap: we tested mochiko flour in the microwave, steaming and cooking straight […]

homemade popcorn

How to Make Better Than Theater Popcorn at Home

We are talking about one of the greatest snacks to enjoy during your big screen experience or even at your home movie night. It’s one of my (Carl’s) favorite snacks and even sometimes dinner… Popcorn! The biggest issue with theater popcorn is that when you want to enjoy a flick in your PJs the big […]


Oyaki Experiment (Part 2)

Welcome back to our Oyaki experiment! Last time we talked about how we had discovered the discrepancy between Japanese All Purpose (AP) flour, called chuurikiko, and American AP flour. The American King Arthur AP flour we used has a higher protein content of 11.7% compared to the 9% typical of Japanese AP flour. In our […]

Red Bean Paste (Anko): tsubuan and koshian

Fresh Red Bean Paste (Anko)

Let’s go over how to make fresh red bean paste at home! One of our favorite flavors or fillings is red bean paste and homemade red bean paste is by far the best way to enjoy this delicious sweet, because you can control the sweetness and texture so it pairs perfectly with whatever you use […]

moringa green onion pancakes

Moringa Green Onion Pancakes

Chinese green onion (scallion) pancakes are one of our favorite things to eat and it’s really simple to make! Adding moringa leaves to this recipe gives it a nutrient boost and also adds a fuller deeper flavor. If you’ve never heard of this special ingredient, learn more about moringa here. Carlienne’s Moringa Green Onion Pancakes […]


Oyaki Experiment (Part 1)

Oyaki is one of the best snacks to use leftovers with. You can stuff it with practically anything, making it either sweet or savory. While it may seem obvious, living in California (or in the United States for that matter) gives us different ingredients than Japan. But also things that we think are similar can […]