Fresh egg pasta: cut pasta noodles

The Simplest Fresh Egg Pasta Recipe

To Adrienne’s great delight, we’re continuing our fresh pasta series with this tweaked recipe for what we consider the simplest fresh egg pasta recipe. You can check out our previous 3 popular pasta recipes test here, which led us to our combo recipe that we’re excited to share with you today! Part of the challenge […]

tororo soba

Tororo Soba

The nagaimo, or long yam, is a rather unique ingredient and that is because it’s one of the few tubers that can be eaten raw. In fact, when used raw, the yam gives off this really slimy texture, called mucilage, and that’s why nagaimo is such a popular ingredient! It’s because this slime, which the […]

Hawaiian Mac Salad

Hawaiian Mac Salad

Hawaiian at Home How to Make Your Own Plate Lunch Hey to all, Carl here! Having done my 3 month culinary externship in Hawaii, I have learned a thing or two about some pretty tasty island grinds (that mean “food” to all the haoles out there)! There’s a number of things that go into a […]

Cooking with Carlienne: wine

How to Seal the Valentine’s Day Deal!

One of the biggest Hallmark holidays are coming: Valentine’s day! The day that many of us, mostly in the States, go out of our way to do a little something special for that special someone. The goal of your special meal is not just to cook great food but to create an experience, so the food itself is only one component of the whole.