Shoyu Roasted Burdock Root (Gobo)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Gobo, Japanese for Burdock root, is not the most common cooking ingredient, but chances are, you’ve seen it in the market. A quick search will result in the braised burdock root recipes, kinpira gobo, which is a common Japanese (and also Korean) side dish, but there are tons of other […]

burdock (gobo) tea with lemongrass

Burdock Root (Gobo) Tea with Lemongrass

If you’ve never heard of gobo, you’re not alone. Gobo is the Japanese word for burdock root, but it also goes by many other names in various Asian cuisines. While it is Native to Eastern Europe and Asia, it’s lost a bit of its popularity in Europe, where it started primarily as a tea or […]

burdock root (gobo) chips, 3 ways

Burdock Root and Peppercorn Chips (3 ways)

Burdock root is an unusual root that one has probably seen but just doesn’t know what to do with. With a Google search you’ll find that the only recipe that comes up is Kinpira Gobo which is a lovely Japanese braised burdock root, but there are so many things you can do with this ingredient. […]