Crispy Korean Fried Chicken

Ever wonder what the secret is to ultra crispy Korean Fried Chicken? Have you ever found yourself bewildered at how it still holds its crunchy texture after ordering it delivery or takeout so you can enjoy it at home? There are 3 things you need to make super crispy chicken and you probably already have […]

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken lunch plate

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

Hawaiian at Home With all the fitness and health(y) lifestyles going on, I am sure its tough to find a great Hawaiian meal while still keep yourself feeling nice and tight. Hawaiian food will definitely help you make some gains, just not the ones you think. Sometimes, you may give yourself that one meal where […]

Hawaiian Chicken Katsu lunch plate

Hawaiian Katsu Chicken

Hawaiian at Home Hey all! I took a little poll on our Instagram @adventuresofcarlienne to see what some of our followers tend to order when they go out for Hawaiian food and it was pretty clear that the most purchased meal was a chicken katsu plate. Chicken katsu wasn’t invented in Hawaii. A lot of […]

mochiko chicken

Mochiko Chicken

hawaiian fried chicken In culinary school, it’s mandatory to do some sort of externship in order to complete your certification program. I was lucky enough to head to Hawaii to learn from Chef Mark Oyama and his crew at Mark’s Place and Contemporary Flavors Cuisine on Kauai. This was probably the most I have ever […]