About Us

Hello there! We’re Carlienne, Carl + Adrienne, and we’re thrilled to have you along! We’re often told that were doing too much, but we don’t think so! We just have a lot of interests and love learning and attempting things ourselves. As Adventures of Carlienne, we hope to inspire and empower you to live your dream by pursuing your passions now!

We are a chef/personal trainer and a visual designer/yoga teacher team that returned from a year long trip around the world from 2018-2019. During our 2 month stay in Bali, Indonesia, we met our pup Kacang and now she’s a Balifornian dog! Today we’re readjusting to life in the Bay Area and constant puppy training and excited to jump back into our favorite hobbies – like testing out new dishes in the kitchen.

We’re fairly motivated people (the promise of ice cream always helps) because we decided our goal is to avoid the trap of “someday”, and instead, we would make our dreams a priority today.

Whether it’s traveling the world, exploring our beautiful Bay Area backyard, or dabbling in different skills, we’re excited to share our favorite finds and helpful tips with those also looking for an adventure!

Eating gelato in Rome, Italy
Eating gelato in Rome, Italy