Yoga with Carlienne

Cultivating Self Awareness for the New Year

I think for lots of folks, there’s a hope for change this new year. 2020 was a whole new level of crazy and we were forced to face a lot of uncomfortable situations, a loss of the comforts of friendly faces and physical touch, and a great divide in trust and communication. We will have to learn how to navigate new social norms, heal certain relationships, and garner the energy to press forward. This made me realize that now, more than ever, we could use some powerful self awareness.

A strong self awareness is having the ability to notice what’s going on inside of you. It’s developing a vocabulary to communicate the internal, externally: like for those days you feel off but don’t know how to explain it. This comes in super handy when you have to coexist with others and helps you create boundaries or set expectations. Self awareness can also help you regain a sense of control by being more present and conscious of time.

So let’s strengthen our inner voice, our intuition, which will help guide us in through our transformations of the new year. Starting January 9, 2021, we’ll be sharing weekly meditative vinyasa practices every Saturday morning. Join our Cene community for early access, weekly inspiration and encouragement, and to find accountability or support! So hop on Cene with us, subscribe to our Youtube or check back here every week, we’ll see you on the mat!

Confessions of a Yoga Teacher

Introducing our very own podcast, Carlienne’s Corner: our first series “Confessions of a Yoga Teacher” is dedicated to yoga. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how yoga has become understood mainly as a physical exercise and somehow, it’s become similar to travel: our yoga practice is only a temporary escape. A vacation from real life. We go to a class and “do yoga” and feel good off the endorphins and maybe even start to heal physically. However, when we return to the rest of our day the stress begins all over again. How then, can we intentionally practice yoga in other aspects of our life?


Caturanga Workshop

Start at the very beginning with our Caturanga Workshop by building the core and arm strength to confidently flow in and out of caturanga.


30 Days of Yoga challenge

Looking for a challenge? Try out this 30 Days of Yoga series using the playlist below.


About Yoga with Carlienne

My yoga journey began in 2010 during a time of frustration from unmet expectations and struggles with self worth. I self prescribed daily workouts to combat this depression and create a sense of control in my life just as a yoga studio opened in my neighborhood. I joined out of convenient curiosity and 5 years later I took part in their teacher training, where I started to find my voice and envision a dream for my practice: Our Lam Yoga.

I decided my first responsibility in sharing my journey was to create a safe space to develop deep roots. Just as the first cakra Muladhara (LAM) focuses on the sacral root and letting go of fear, we focus on strengthening our basic foundation so that we can build the courage and trust – in the ground, in ourselves and each other – to grow. Each day is a new day and each time we come to our mats, it is different. Lam is also an homage to my family, my roots, and how I have been blessed with the freedom to fly.

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, feel free to drop a comment directly on the videos or use our contact form.