Osaka in April

One of our favorite shrines in Japan is the Sumiyoshi Taisha (shrine), it’s a bit quieter so a typical morning gives you the shrine to yourself. Hike up the iconic red bridge and make your way across the crunching gravel and past the old library.

Adrienne in a kimono, Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto in April

Kyoto is one of those beautiful cities were tradition and modernity strike a perfect balance. City center is a packed with Starbucks and Tully’s, but turn the corner and you’ll spot some locals in kimonos crossing the street.

Sakura (Cherry blossoms), Meguro River, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo in April

Plan Your Own Adventure photo gallery logistics & budget where we stayed details   As any girl growing up on Sailor Moon and Japanese animation (anime) would tell you, visiting Japan was a dream come true. Tokyo especially seemed like some mystical city that could delve into your dreams and birth them into reality and […]