Day 2 - Princess Bamboo Tangzhong crumb detail

The Best Milk Bread Recipe Experiment Ep 4 | Recipe Winner

Welcome to our Milk Bread Experiment Finale!!! We’ve been testing out some of the most popular milk bread recipes online and finally after double and triple checking them, we’ve finally determined our favorite recipes. Can you guess which one it is? We tested 6 total recipes: Chopsticks Chronicles, Umi’s Baking, Kitchen Princess Bamboo’s 2 recipes, […]

Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Yudane loaf

The Best Milk Bread Recipe Experiment Ep 2 | Kitchen Princess Bamboo Shokupan

Welcome back to our Milk Bread Recipe experiment! Last time we talked a little bit about the common starters for milk bread called yudane and tangzhong and we explored both methods and while it wasn’t a direct comparison on the techniques, it gave us an introduction into making milk bread. We did notice that Umi’s […]