Cooking with Carlienne

We are food people. We love eating, cooking, experimenting with anything and everything related to food. Living in the Bay Area gives us plenty of opportunities to eat well, so we often find ourselves falling in love with a dish and wondering if we can recreate it at home. Not to mention our year around the world giving us pure inspiration to learn how to cook new cuisines. Trying out new recipes can sometimes be a way bigger adventure than planned, so we’re excited to share with you our recommendations and hacks around the kitchen!

What to Make for Valentine’s Day

  • Cooking with Carlienne: Hawaiian at Home - Chicken Katsu Hawaiian Katsu Chicken - Hawaiian at Home Hey all! I took a little poll on our Instagram @adventuresofcarlienne to see what some of our followers tend to order when they go out for Hawaiian food and it was pretty clear that the most purchased meal was a chicken katsu plate. Chicken katsu wasn’t invented in Hawaii. A lot of… Read on!

January Egg Challenge

In January we introduced our passion for cooking with a 31 Day Challenge of eggs! Each day we tried a new egg recipe; from simple classics to internationally inspired egg dishes. These won’t be the kind of recipes you might be used to, with exact measurements and a step-by-step procedure on what to do. That’s all well and good but our goal is to teach and empower you and your brain in the kitchen.

Anyone can follow a recipe but not many people can cook by feel or know what direction to take a dish if for some reason the flavors don’t quite feel and taste right that day. So rather than call these recipes, they are mere guides for you to achieve the goal we are looking for in a dish. Learning how to successfully save a meal or cook something on a whim or even create your own dish from whatever scraps you have is probably the best skill you can have in the kitchen. This is where all the fun is in the kitchen!

Experimentation and having the confidence to try something will open the world and your kitchen to so many possibilities. Good luck and most importantly have fun!