25th Annual Polynesian Festival & Aloha Outrigger Races

http://www.santacruz.org/upcoming-events/event-detail-page/eventgid/8937, Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz, August 20, 2017

A much smaller festival than we anticipated, but as we were told, “things were a little different this year, because, [they] changed a few things”. Still, it made for a great excuse to get out to Santa Cruz. The outrigger races were spaced out so inbetween we walked over to the Boardwalk and hung out.

The stage for the hula dances is pretty small and the seating (about 3 rows of folding chairs) and viewing area is very limited (not much space behind the chairs and between some vendor stalls). There were only maybe 10 tents of vendors, so there wasn’t much shopping to be had either. There were NO food stalls, which was a little unbelievable to me for a Polynesian festival.

Anyway, we stuck around for half the dance performances, but then we got hungry so we wandered off to the beach side to eat our picnic lunch. We weren’t too worried though, because there’s always Penny’s Ice Creamery (one of our favorite ice cream spots) to ease the blow of a seemingly unsuccessful day, and nothing solves problems like fluff, if you know what I mean.

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