Yoga with Carlienne

My yoga journey began in 2010 during a time of frustration from unmet expectations and struggles with self worth. I self prescribed daily workouts to combat this depression and create a sense of control in my life when a yoga studio opened in my neighborhood. I joined out of convenient curiosity and 5 years later I took part in their teacher training, where I started to find my voice and envision a dream for my practice: Our Lam Yoga.

I decided my first responsibility in sharing my journey was to create a safe space to develop deep roots. Just as the first cakra Muladhara (LAM) focuses on the sacral root and letting go of fear, we focus on strengthening our basic foundation so that we can build the courage and trust – in the ground, in ourselves and each other – to grow. Each day is a new day and each time we come to our mats, it is different. Lam is also an homage to my family, my roots, and how I have been blessed with the freedom to fly.

Since we started our travels, I haven’t taught or practiced with any regularity. Funny how it’s come full circle to take on this 30 day challenge to practice yoga daily to instill discipline and control back into my life – yet again. With the help of Carl, I started this video series as accountability to this commitment and in hopes that it will encourage and serve as an honest representation of what a traveling-home-yoga practice can look like.

We wholeheartedly invite you to join us for Yoga with Carlienne, in the spirit of Our Lam Yoga, to see where this first step takes us! You can find videos here or use the button to subscribe to our Adventures of Carlienne channel and turn on notifications for an automatic reminder. Videos will be posted every day at 6am PST.

If you’re curious about our Around the World trip, follow along on our adventures here. Feel free to drop a comment directly on the videos or contact us here.