Adventures of Carlienne

1 year, 30+ countries!

We’re doing it! We’re Carlienne (Carl + Adrienne) and we quit our jobs and closed up shop to spend the year traveling the world! It may sound crazy, but there are so many reasons to just do it and only a handful not to, so we took off this past October to live our dream! Learn more about our globe trotting adventure here.

Our Latest Adventure

  • Sunset at Katara Cultural Village, Doha, Qatar Doha, Qatar - We were completely surprised by Doha, Qatar, though to be fair we didn’t have strong expectations. Doha felt like the Singapore of the UAE: it’s an international hub where English speakers will have no trouble, extremely clean and welcoming, and the perfect intersections of culture and food. You’ll get much of the desert vibes, at… Read on!

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